Your Online Course Awareness Dangerous goods

According to many local regulations employees who work frequently or occasionally with dangerous goods must have followed a Course Awareness Dangerous goods. The online course can be followed 24/7. There is no longer an excuse not to train your employees.

This online course consists of four modules:

• Law – and regulatory of storage, transport and working with dangerous goods.
• The classification according to GHS, EU and ADR/IMDG as well as the properties of substances.
• Reading safety data sheets.
• The job requirements according to the ADR, 1000 points table, separating substances etc.
• Dealing with spill management of dangerous goods

Each module ends with a questionnaire. After finishing the course and, of course, a possitive result, the student receives his or her Certificate Awareness Dangerous goods.

For whom

Everyone who works occasionally or frequently with dangerous goods. Whether in a warehouse, laboratory, for the government or in a hospital.


At least 4 hours.


The fee for the course is € 129, – per student.


After registration on the next page you will receive a confirmation that you have registered students for the course. Upon receipt of the registration form you will receive an ( online) invoice within 2 working days. After payment each participant will receive a welcome letter and digital Course material. In the welcome letter are the user – and login details.

The student logs in and follows the online modules, after which he or she fills out the questions modules and forwards them. When all the modules ( 4 ) and questionaires ( 4 ) have been completed and forwarded to the teacher, the teacher will comment the answers. 60 % or more of the questions answered in the positive, the participant will receive his or her certificate by post (within 2 weeks +/-).

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